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Hackbright Front-End Web Development | Week 7


  • JSON
    • JavaScript Object Notation
    • Transport data between servers and applications
    • key:value store
    • XML is a common alternative
    • Can build dynamic websites
  • APIs
    • Application Programming Interface: set of standards for accessing data and interacting with programs
  • Exercises
    • Build a website that generates a random math fact using Numbers API.


  • Responsive Design
    • Tools: media-query, max-width, min-width, float, percentage widths
    • Media-query lets you write CSS for specific devices. Also cascade and order matters, smaller devices come earlier in the code.
  • Bootstrap
    • Comes with default styling, responsive grid, lots of themes
  • Exercises
    • Format a practice website to make it responsive.


Added the last time I did a GitHub commit to my portfolio, also a link to view the last commit in the bottom right hand corner. I used the GitHub API and moment.js.

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