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Hackbright Front-End Web Development | Week 9 and 10

Week 9: Monday

  • Debugging
    • HTML & CSS
      • Common bugs include incorrect nesting, forgotten or misspelled tags, incorrect use of float, clear, and positioning, CSS rules overriding in unexpected ways.
      • Use the developer tools to inspect your code and remove elements until the problem is found or it starts working. Adding borders and background to see sizes and nesting can help.
    • JavaScript
      • Common sources of bugs include when callbacks are not hooked up to the correct events or variables are not being set correctly.
      • Break up changes into small pieces and always make sure the code is runnable.
      • Use consistent formatting.
      • Try console.log or debugger to find the problem.


  • Further Education
    • Always have something to work on.
      • Lots of small projects are better than one big project.
      • see: jenniferdewalt.com
        • 180 websites
    • Develop the habit of finishing projects/work.
      • It can be very easy to get excited and start something new, but power through to a complete a project to the point you can show other people.
    • Develop a plan with deadlines.
      • Help keep yourself on track.
      • You can't improve what you can't measure.
      • Don't get discouraged if you fall behind, instead think about how you can improve your process.
    • Contribute to open source.
      • Look at github.com/trending to find projects.
      • Delete old issues that are fixed or no longer apply.
      • openhatch.org is a non-profit that matches free software contributors with communities, tools, and education.
    • Strengthen your fundamentals
      • Object-oriented programming (OOP)
      • Algorithms
      • Data structures
    • Learn a backend language
      • Python - regarded as beginner friendly
      • Node.js - leverages JavaScript knowledge
      • Rails - still popular
    • Explore then specialize
      • UX research and design
      • Big Data
      • DevOps
      • AI
      • Mobile
    • Go to Meetups
      • Beer.js
      • Openlate
      • Protonight
      • Women Who Code
    • Don't work for free!
      • Your time is worth something!
      • You have a valuable skill.
      • Take small jobs slightly above your skill level.
      • Be transparent with clients that you are still learning.

Week 10:

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