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Daily UI: 000


So I’ve decided to do the Daily UI Challenge in an effort to up-skill and also as a creative outlet. It’s something I heard about several years ago and something I’ve been thinking about doing for probably just as long. So finally, what better time than the present to start?

My goals for this challenge are:

  • Speed. Getting faster at producing ideas and designs.

  • Knowledge. Building a repertoire of UI patterns, styles, and components from exploring different examples and experimenting with different layouts, color, type, etc.

  • Skills. Learning different techniques, styles, and ways of creating.

  • Letting go of perfectionism. Keeping to a deadline and knowing when something is good enough for this current iteration.

So tomorrow will be the first day of the challenge and I’m excited to see the progress throughout this experience.

Have you done the Daily UI Challenge? What did you learn from it?