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Daily UI: 001 Sign Up

So, I completed the first one. Yay! After that experience, I learned how much I appreciate having more constraints around what I’m designing. For example, with this sign up screen, there are questions like:

  • What product am I signing up for?

  • What are the required fields?

  • What font and colors do I want to use?

At work, we have a design system, so a number of those more detailed decisions like font and color are already predefined. Also, the product is defined. So the process feels a little less nebulous than being basically wide open like this challenge.


I also learned it would be useful if I had a design process for these challenges as well. Something along the lines of:

  1. Brainstorm what I want to include on the screen. Ex: text, inputs, etc.

  2. Choose a topic/product type.

  3. Sketch layouts and ideas.

  4. Choose a font and color palette.

I’ll try out this formula on the next one and see if that helps since I definitely took longer than a day on this (three days to be exact).