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This Year in Books: 2016

I love this little graphic Goodreads sends out every year displaying the books you've read over the year. It gives a nice little summary and reflection. I'm proud of myself for sticking to my reading habit too. ;)

Quick Update

      I did an update on the site. Now, there's a new Home page to better showcase the different parts of my site. I also decided to only maintain one blog (instead of both a personal and a professional one). Consistently writing for two was a larger workload than I wanted; consequently, I ended up writing for neither for a while.

A couple other items that were updated:

The Past Week...

The past week I've had some friends visiting from SoCal. We went around SF and took pictures with a selfie stick.

One of our first stops was the Painted Ladies which were featured on the show Full House. On Sunday I hiked the Berkeley Fire Trail. It took about 1 hr 45 min. Hooray for not getting lost! And the view is really pretty. There's a little bit of fog down in the bay, but otherwise it was a sunny day with a cool breeze.

Sharetea is one of my favorite boba places. I always get the Crema drinks, which are basically tea on the bottom with a layer of cream on top. Don't drink it with a straw! Use the little knives to cut two small holes on opposite sides of the top of the cup. One hole is to drink out of, the second is for air to go inside to replace the liquid.

Finally, we also journeyed to the Walt Disney Museum. It was a lot more fun and informative than I thought it was going to be. The museum is not about Disneyland or the cartoons but about Walt Disney's life.

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