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Dandelion Chocolate


Dandelion Chocolate is a small batch chocolate factory on Valencia Street in the Mission District of San Francisco, CA. In addition to desserts and drinks, they also offer chocolate bars made of cacao beans from different regions of the world. My favorite is the bar from Madagascar. It has a distinct fruity taste to it and not as much bitterness even though it is a dark chocolate. Factory tours are offered weeknights at 6pm or Saturdays at 3pm. During my visit, I tried the Papua New Guinea S'more and the European Drinking Chocolate. dandelionchocsmore_Fotor1

The s'more is torched to order, melting the chocolate and giving the marshmallow a crispy, caramelized outer shell with molten insides. The marshmallows are homemade. The dish is decadent, delicious, and big enough for sharing.


The European drinking chocolate is different from typical hot chocolate. Whereas typical hot chocolate has a more watery consistency, Dandelion's drinking chocolate is thick and rich. I have never had hot chocolate with this viscosity before but I really liked it! The cup is very small and comes with a cute little spoon. The portion size seemed tiny when I first looked at it, but the drink is so rich that I could not have eaten more of it.

The prices are a little high, so this place would only be a "once in a while" treat for me. Though, overall, I was happy with my experience and would go again.