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Restaurant Review: Tower Cafe

I stopped by Tower Cafe in Sacramento, CA on my way to Tahoe during the weekend after New Years. The location is very convenient since it's right off the 80 freeway. There's a parking lot around the corner from the restaurant, next to the movie theatre. The restaurant was pretty crowded on Friday morning with plenty of people waiting outside. My group and I opted to sit in the outdoor patio area so we could be seated immediately. It was chilly out (probably why no one else wanted to sit outside) but we had heat lamps put up and ordered some hot drinks thus making the cold manageable.

The atmosphere was definitely casual. The indoor and outdoor decorations had a cozy, homey feel. This is a good place for a laid back brunch with friends or family. The restaurant is kid-friendly and features its own kids menu.

Seasonal French Toast

Now, on to the food. I ordered the Seasonal French Toast ($11.95) which is a half order (1 slice) of the Famous French Toast plus seasonal fruits. In my case, these fruits were some apple slices and cranberries. This dish was absolutely delicious! It doesn't look like a lot of food but I was satisfied at the end without feeling too full. I do not think I could have eaten a 2 slices. The bread is soft, fluffy, lightly sweet, and filled with custardy goodness. Everything french toast should be. The fruits were glazed with a sweet sauce. The soft apple slices reminded me of the apples in apple pie. The cranberries gave a little pop of sour tart to contrast with the sugariness of the rest of the dish. The whipped cream was delightful - airy with a touch of sugar and fresh tasting. Quality of the whipped cream is something that is very important to me. I absolutely abhor whipped cream from a can or one that tastes like it is filled with chemicals and preservatives. So the whipped cream at Tower Cafe passes my test. Overall, this is probably my favorite french toast dish I've eaten. Ever.

As far as prices go, $11.95 can seem a little high for one piece of toast but it is worth every penny. Other menu items are around the same price point. The portion sizes are generous. Many of my friends had their leftovers packed up to take home.

I would definitely come back to Tower Cafe if I was in the area.

Rating: ★★★★★

Tower Cafe 1518 Broadway Sacramento, CA 95818 Downtown, Land Park (916) 441-0222