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Review: Kitchen Story

Came here for brunch on a weekday with a friend since we both had the day off. I made reservations though I probably didn't need to. There was a sprinkling of other customers inside but also a good amount of empty tables. So no waiting to be seated. I got the Meyer Lemon French Toast ($10), you can make it a meal for an extra $5 but I chose not to. This turned out to be a good decision because I was full after eating just the toast. Must be all those carbs expanding in my tummy. The bread is nice, soft, and spongy. There's a hint of lemon flavor that is just right, present but not overpowering. The fresh berries and maple syrup are classic accompaniments.

I tried some of my friend's Millionaire's Bacon. It's super thick cut bacon that difficult to cut with the knife. It has a sweet syrupy flavor and a little bit of a gelatinous texture from all the fat. I liked it a lot though I think it was too sweet for my friend.

Overall, I had a good meal here though I think the prices are steep for the amount of food. However, the presentation is gorgeous. I like things that are appealing to the eye. I'd return if I was looking for more of a "fancy" brunch for Sunday mornings.

Rating: ★★★★

meyer lemon french toast

Kitchen Story 3499 16th St San Francisco, CA 94114