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Restaurant Review: New England Lobster Market & Eatery

I love this place. Super delicious! I've been here a couple times. I've ordered: Lobster roll, dressed ($17.50): like taking a bite out of heaven. There's a good amount of lobster on there. The seasoning is simple: mayo, salt, and pepper. The bread is so soft like a buttery little cloud. This is my favorite dish.

Lobster Roll


Lobster corn chowder ($6 cup, $9 bowl): good sized pieces of lobster. Sprinkling of corn inside. Thick and creamy. The flavor is quite intense. I really liked this for the first few bites. Near the end of my meal, I was starting to get really full though and the soup started getting too rich for me. If you want to try it, I'd suggest sharing a cup of soup with a partner.

Twin Tails ($18.95): two lobster tails, piece of bread, cole slaw, chips. You have to crack the lobster tails yourself. Comes with butter to dip them in. Very yummy. Eat it with some of that pillowy soft bread. My bf and I split this one the first time we were here. Don't do that. Just get your own.

Oysters on the half shell ($1.85 each): on the occasion that my bf and I ordered these, it was taking a long time for the oysters to make it to our table. We'd already finished eating our lobster meal. The worker who finally brought the oysters to us apologized for the long wait and gave us a free one. I thought that was pretty nice. The oysters were fresh and tasty too. Definitely scrumptious.



Overall, the food here is a really great. The downside is the price and that it's a bit far from where I live. It's an occasional treat when I'm feeling indulgent.

Rating: ★★★★★

New England Lobster Market & Eatery 824 Cowan Rd Burlingame, CA 94010