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Restaurant Review: Pacific Catch

Pacific Catch is a small restaurant with only six 2 seater tables inside. These can be pushed together if you have a party of four. There are also a few seats outside and some stools at the counter but I prefer to sit at a table where it is not so chilly. I would not come here with a big group since there is such limited seating. My party of two ordered:

Japanese Wasabi Bowl with Hawaiian Poke and Seared Ahi ($15.5 + $4.5 since we got two meats): The bowl traditionally comes with rice but can be substituted with half rice/half greens or all greens. We chose to go with all greens. I'm always pleased when restaurants let me trade rice for something more delicious and nutritious. Between the poke and the ahi, I would definitely choose the poke. The searing on the ahi is nice but the poke has great flavor. The sauce is tangy and intense with a little spicy heat. The salad dressing has a wasabi taste and a bit of heat. There's also mixed greens, wakame salad, and ginger. Overall, I think it was a pretty healthy meal and it comes in a big bowl. My friend and I split this dish. At the end I was full but he was still hungry. I think he would have been more satisfied if he'd gotten his own bowl.

japanese wasabi bowl

Wakame Salad ($4): We were originally going to get the roasted vegetables until the waitress informed us that the vegetable was corn! I do not consider corn to be a vegetable. So I am very thankful she told us beforehand or I would have been very disappointed. However, the wakame salad was just okay. It reminded me of the seaweed salad from Costco. I'd skip this dish.

wakame salad_Fotor

Service: Friendly and attentive. No complaints here.

Overall: If I came back I would order the Japanese Wasabi bowl again but with poke only.

Rating:★★★★ Price: $$

Pacific Catch 2027 Chestnut St San Francisco, CA 94123