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Honey & Butter

Honey & Butter Sign Happy April Fools! Today's post is about one of the places I ate at during my SoCal trip last week.

Honey & Butter is a small french macaron stand located inside a silver metallic trailer at The Lab in Costa Mesa, CA. The interior is cutely decorated with plushies and colorful objects. Outside the trailer is a bench, a table, and a couple chairs.

My friends and I lined up an hour earlier than when Honey & Butter opened and we were the second group there. We'd heard the character macarons sell out quickly and that people lined up before the store opened to get them. By the time 12pm rolled around on a Friday, there was a significant amount of people in line behind us and it is swelteringly hot in the Southern California heat. Two umbrellas are opened on the sidewalk outside, thank goodness we're standing under one of them.

Honey & Butter Interior

A woman comes out with an iPad to ask anyone in line if they'd like to place an order for regular macarons. The majority of the people are here for the character ones. However, if you want to order the regular ones, you get to bypass the line. Finally, three people are allowed into the trailer at one time. The character macarons are individually wrapped in plastic bags and displayed on the check out counter in two of those clear plastic boxes typically used for storage.

Different days have different characters, I recommend following Honey & Butter's Instagram to find out which days are which characters, in addition to when the shop is closed or not.

Honey & Butter Macarons: (Left to Right) Eeyore, Winnie the Pooh and Piglet Full Body, Minnie.

I was a little underwhelmed with the collection of Disney Tsum Tsum macarons. There weren't as many choices as I'd hoped and the macarons weren't as colorful as I'd hoped either. A lot of white, black, and yellow. Maybe I picked a bad day? I ended up only purchasing 3 macarons. They're priced at $2.50 each for the small ones and $3 for the larger, full body ones. The macarons tasted fresh and homemade. The flavors are random but the three I got were quite tasty so I was satisfied.

Honey & Butter Macarons: (starting top left and going clockwise) Minnie, Mickey and Minnie Full Body, Chip and Dale Full Body, Baymax, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Mickey.

Rating:★★★★ Price: $

Honey & Butter 2930 Bristol St Costa Mesa, CA 92626