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ABD Purchases Review


I am totally in love with my recent purchases from Ashley Brooke Designs. I ordered the "All the Things" notebook, "Best Day Ever" coffee mug, and "Everyday I'm Hustlin'" travel mug. IMG_7035_Fotor


The travel mug is microwave safe, dishwasher safe, and BPA free which was something that I was really worried about and had made me hesitant to buy it. I still wish there was a stainless steel version since I'm trying not to use plastic containers for my food.

The blue on the "Best Day Ever" mug is slightly darker and more teal than the picture on the website where it looks more like a light blue. However, the description does say teal lettering. I still think it's cute but something to be aware of when buying online is that colors can differ depending on your monitor and computer settings.

I was pleasantly surprised with the "All the Things" notebook because the 100 pages looked a lot more substantial in person than I thought it would be when I imagined it. I have all these pretty notebooks now that I can't wait to use!

Overall, the products are all super cute! I signed up for the email list and waited until there was a promo code for 20% off. My items were shipped USPS Priority Mail so they arrived really quickly. I am happy with my purchases and am waiting for the next 20%+ promo code to get the "Hello Sunshine" coffee mug and the "Brilliant Ideas" notepad.

I love designs that are clean and pretty with white backgrounds and bright, vibrant colors especially in pinks, blues, and purples. If you know anywhere else I can find similar style items or decorations please let me know! I would really like a fine point pen in a festive floral print and a pen/pencil cup holder.