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Afters Ice Cream

My sister and I went to Afters Ice Cream on my recent visit to Southern California. I've been wanting to try Afters for at least a year, but waited until they opened a location in Tustin, CA (which is the one we went to). They are famous for the milky bun ($5.00 includes 1 topping), a doughnut with ice cream in the middle. The doughnuts come unglazed or glazed with sugar or chocolate. We opted for the unglazed, in order to cut down on the sweetness of the dessert. For our ice cream filling, we chose Cookie Monster, basically cookies and cream ice cream with blue food coloring. The bun comes out warm while the ice cream inside is still solid. I felt rushed to eat it though, since the milky bun was insanely messy, dripping everywhere. The bun is a soft, airy doughnut reminiscent of Krispie Kreme. The actual ice cream didn't feel too special, maybe I should have gotten a more exotic flavor? I also could've done without the blue food coloring which dyed my tongue and teeth (that's attractive). I'm glad my sister and I decided to split one. It's super filling.

Cookie Monster Milky Bun
Cookie Monster Milky Bun

Afters is decorated in black and white with a large sized menu listing the price per scoop and cost of the milky bun. There's also an area that says "Selfie Nation" where people can take Instagram pictures. I wish they put the ice cream flavors up on the menu too, instead of just writing it over the display case. It can be difficult to read the names if there are a lot of people and a big line. What bothered me the most is that there are no tables, chairs, or even counter tops and stools inside to eat at. We went during a week night and it wasn't too busy, service was pretty quick. If you want your bun cut in half, you can ask one of the workers and they'll cut it for you. Yay!

Overall, I think the milky bun is a unique treat and I would come here again to try different ice cream flavors.

Afters Ice Cream 13662 Newport Ave Ste C Tustin, CA 92780

Rating: ★★★★ Price: $