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Manicure Monday | Orly BB Crème


The ORLY BB Crème is a sheer peach tint polish with a glossy finish meant to enhance the look of natural nails by smoothing, moisturizing, and brightening them. This polish is so sheer I can see my entire nail underneath it. What I like most is the smoothing effect. My nails have a lot of ridges, so in order to smooth them out, I buff them with a buffing block before coating them with polish. My nails end up looking shiny and velvety smooth. I think this polish would be good for a low maintenance, natural look. It just makes the nails appear cleaner and well taken care of.

I used two coats of the ORLY BB Crème with no base coat or top coat. The instructions on the bottle specifically say to use the polish on bare nails and not to use it with any other polishes (base coat, top coat, or nail color). The formula is on the thinner side and glides on easily. The handle of the applicator is rubberized and the brush is the standard nail polish brush.

The formula dries very fast and lasts several days without chipping. It is also not very noticeable when it does chip since the color is so sheer. It is easy to remove with nail polish remover and it does not stain the nails like many darker colors can.

Overall, I would definitely recommend this product because of ease of use and the natural look.