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Book Review | #GIRLBOSS by Sophia Amoruso



I'd shopped at Nasty Gal a few years ago, Nasty Gal's style didn't really fit with my style but I did pick up a cute leopard print calf hair belt!

Anyways, I saw #GIRLBOSS recommended in the blogosphere, so I borrowed the ebook from my public library. The book is about Sophia and Nasty Gal's development. She started out selling vintage clothes on eBay! Interesting read and I found a number of quotes I identified with.

"At this point in my litany of shitty jobs, I'd never reaped what I'd sown, and that, I eventually learned, is the only way I can stay engaged."

There's a difference between having a job and having a career. Chris Rock does a funny stand-up skit highlighting this.

"You don't get what you don't ask for."

"If you're frustrated because you're not getting what you want, stop for a second: Have you actually flat-out asked for it? If you haven't, stop complaining. You can't expect the world to read your mind. You have to put it out there, and sometimes putting it out there is as simple as just saying 'Hey, can I have that?'"

When asking for something, the worst thing that can happen is "No", which is essentially the same as not asking in the first place. So, might as well ask cause at least there's a chance of a "Yes".

"Be able to articulate why you deserve a raise. Be as unemotional as possible. Schedule time and notify in advance about the topic. 'I'd like to schedule some time to talk to you about my salary. Is it okay if we put something on the calendar?'"

"Spend money because it's an investment in your own well-being, not because you're bored and have nothing else to do."

"Luxury can be a great experience, and the things around you should represent the life you've made for yourself as long as you are taking the time to appreciate those items."

Totally agree with this. If I'm going to spend money on something, I'm going to enjoy it, otherwise I might as well have not bought it.

"We control our thoughts and our thoughts control our lives."


"Much of the world, from school to the workplace, is set up to reward extroverts, and therefore it can be easier for introverts to feel overlooked or as if they don't measure up. For instance, even if you know all the answers but don't want to call attention to yourself by raising your hand, you might end up being perceived as less smart than the kids flailing their arms to get the teacher's attention."

This happened to me many times during my academic career, more so when I was younger (think elementary school).

An example - when I was in first grade, our teacher split our class up into three different reading groups. The groups were colored blue, yellow, and red and were organized by "reading ability" with blue being the "most advanced" and red being the "least". Growing up, I was a very shy, very introverted kid. I never talked in class, let alone raised my hand. Needless to say, I was put in the red group. At the time, I didn't really understand what was going on. I was like "cool, I get to read books and my books have more awesome pictures in them than the books the other kids in my class are reading", but I remember telling my mother and she was furious because she knew that I was pretty good at reading, it was one of my favorite things to do in my free time, and I'd only been put in the red group because I didn't like talking in class.

"When your goal is to gain experience, perspective, and knowledge, failure is no longer a possibility. Failure is your invention."

"It is she who listens to the rest of the world who fails, and it is she who has enough confidence to define success and failure for herself who succeeds."

"I stopped feeling as if I didn't belong anywhere, and realized that I belonged anywhere I wanted to be."

"Compete with yourself, not with others."